This website is dedicated to investigating and discussing software failures in the automotive industry. We will examine each of the failures in order to determine the route cause of the specific failure. We will then offer our opinion on how the software failures could have been prevented and how they can be avoided in the future.


Competition in the automotive industry is intense, and successful companies must constantly innovate by introducing new types of software. Over the last 100 years the automobile was transformed from a mechanical device into an integrated machine with embedded software in all major systems including: engine control, power train, suspension, braking, and entertainment.

Controlling the cost of automotive embedded systems is extremely important for automotive industry suppliers because the volume is much higher than other safety-critical industries. Software testing has traditionally been viewed as expensive, however finding software bugs before a product is released is the key to reducing damaged product branding and direct costs associated with product recalls.  This makes continuous integration and testing a necessity for the automotive industry.1